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Some things tend to relate only to those that are in the past.  One instance of past or fiction leads us to the present.

One fact that connot be denied is the past…..or can it?

I find it strange that humans tend to believe more of a story that was handed down that actual history that has happened and actually existed.  One thing that we must infer from this is “word of mouth” is indeed a strong piece of history.  Does that make history a story or fact?  I would like to believe that things that have happened do and did exist in the reality we are currently in.  But if a story alters the way humans remember the past, do the events that actually took place become non-existent?

What is the existance of history based on? Is history a dynamic event that evolves as all of nature ?  Does it conform to the rules of evolution in that history will grow stronger and become “better” than its previous existence as we retell the stories?

To change the past in order to alter the views of the present is only a method used by some to alter the future.

Our future is dependant on the past.  To alter it is to alter reality not actuality.